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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction will be painless, fearless and comfortable if you go to ArtStom Dental Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic. Qualified doctors always do their best to preserve each tooth and resort to extraction only when other ways of solving the problem are not possible.

When tooth extraction is the only solution

Tooth extraction must be performed in the following cases

  • When the tooth tissue is severely damaged by decay;
  • Significant damage to the periodontium;
  • In the integrity of the tooth as a result of a fracture and can not be repaired;
  • In the malpositioning of the tooth in the oral cavity;
  • in acute toothache against a background of purulent infection in the aggravation period in the neglected stage;
  • Removal of deciduous teeth in children.

Each case is unique. Therefore, before extraction in our clinic a diagnostic procedure is performed, during which the dentist evaluates the condition of the tooth and makes a decision about its extraction, if other options are simply not applicable.

Before the tooth or root is extracted, the presence of active infections is determined. Sometimes the patient will receive a course of antibiotic therapy before the tooth is extracted.

Anesthesia for tooth extraction

Thanks to new types of effective and safe anesthesia used in our clinic, patients "do not shiver in the chair with fear and anxiety. Tooth or root extraction surgery proceeds without pain or discomfort!

Depending on the complexity of the case and the individual characteristics of the patient at the clinic ArtStom you will be offered to remove a tooth without pain under anesthesia Entonox inhalation or injection anesthesia. Under full anesthesia you will hardly notice how the tooth extraction is going to take place and all your fears will be left behind!

The main advantage and peculiarity of innovative anesthesia is the absence of side effects and feeling unwell after the application.

After tooth extraction

After a simple extraction, the doctor treats the hole and the area around it. In addition, the patient receives detailed recommendations from the dentist on further wound care.

If the extraction is complicated, which requires excision of the gum tissue, stitches are placed, and the doctor also advises the patient on how to maintain proper hygiene and rinsing of the mouth to prevent possible complications.

For example, in the first 24 hours after extraction, you should not eat or drink hot food or chew hard food on the side of the extracted tooth. Compliance with the recommendations of the dentist guarantees the full healing of the extraction site within 1-2 weeks. If you have a fever after extraction, it is necessary to visit the clinic immediately in order to get the necessary help.
ArtStom Dentistry - the best choice

The specialists of our clinic have successfully performed a large number of simple and complex operations on tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth, known for their unpredictability.

The use of the latest dental technology, modern equipment, high quality supplies, and the high professionalism of our doctors allow us to provide patients with a wide range of high quality dental services at affordable prices for patients with different financial possibilities.

We care about your health!