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Dental implants

Dental implants

To restore lost teeth at ArtStom Dental Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic, patients are offered different types of prosthetics, including dental implants.

Special features of dental implants

Tooth implantation is one of the most popular methods of prosthetics today, which includes placing special structures - dental implants - in the jaw tissue. After the development of bone tissue, they function as a support for crowns or other types of prosthetic work.

A dental implant is a self-tapping screw that consists of the following components

  • The intraosseous part;
  • The supragingival part, which serves as a support and base for the dental restoration.

Tooth implantation is currently recognized as the best method of dental restoration.

Advantages of dentures with implants

Due to a number of advantages, this method of denture placement is very popular. Implants open up the following possibilities.

  • With adentia, one-stage or two-stage dental implants allow you to do without wearing removable dentures.
  • After extraction of one or more teeth, the placement of titanium implants eliminates the need to saw the neighboring teeth.
  • Dental implants are effective in preventing the development of atrophy and deformation of the patient's jawbone.
  • Dental prosthetics with implants and crowns enables to fully restore the appearance of natural teeth and oral function of the patient.

Our clinic offers Alpha Bio (Israel) and Straumann (Switzerland) implants for prosthetics by this method. Tooth implantation has no absolute contraindications and is suitable for the majority of people, which is an important advantage.

After the placement of dental implants by our clinic's qualified specialists, patients become the owners of a beautiful smile, joyful and self-confident people! Dental implants are long-lasting, comfortable, with high aesthetic and functional quality of life.

How Tooth Implantation Works

The restoration of teeth by placement of implants is essentially a surgical operation with the following steps. Examination of the patient's mouth, after which the doctor decides whether a partial or total (adentia) implantation is needed.

At ArtStom, metal structures are implanted into the jawbone with the use of inhalation or injection anesthesia.

Depending on the type of dental implantation, a temporary crown can be placed on the implant right away, or the gums are shaped beforehand to form the right gum margin around the future crown. This is done during a two-step dental implant procedure.

Before a crown is placed on the implant, a cone-shaped abutment is placed on top of the implant, on which the crown or other restoration is then placed. Each implant case is different. Therefore, it can involve additional procedures, such as sinus elevator (by the consumption of artificial bone and membrane).

After the tooth implantation, the doctor gives recommendations to the patient about the care of dental implants and oral cavity. We invite you to our clinic for quality prosthetics!