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White seals

White seals

Dreaming of a whiter smile? Then welcome to ArtStom Dental Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic, where you will be offered dentures with white crowns! This category includes all crowns with a white surface, which can be made from different materials.

In our clinic we offer patients all-ceramic, metal-ceramic and zirconia crowns. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

Metal-ceramic and zirconia dental crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns also have a white surface. The whiteness can be matched to the color of the patient's teeth, so they don't differ from each other. This is especially important if the crowns are placed in the smile zone.

Metal-free zirconia crowns have a high aesthetic effect that is combined with durability. The higher cost of these white crowns is well justified by their qualities and performance characteristics.

Metal-ceramic and zirconia crowns, made of safe and hypoallergenic materials, are ideal for restoring anterior and posterior teeth.

All-ceramic crowns

Orthopedic constructions of this type are in high demand today, both among professionals and patients. This can be explained by the emergence of new materials based on lithium disilicate and ceramics containing aluminum oxide and zirconium dioxide.

All-ceramic crowns have one very important advantage, and that is light permeability, which is as close as possible to the hard tissues of the teeth. That's why these white crowns have the most natural look and shine.

All-ceramic crowns have a framework made of either glass-ceramic or aluminum oxide/zirconia ceramic, on which a white ceramic veneer is placed. White all-ceramic crowns are used in the following cases:

  • For restorations of one or more teeth that are adjacent or spaced apart;
  • For the replacement of incisors and canines;
  • In cases of pathological abrasion, underdevelopment or various kinds of damage to the enamel.

Metal-free ceramics

The technology also allows for the production of frameless ceramics on a zirconia and feldspar ceramic base. These crowns have a number of advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Indistinguishability from natural teeth;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • High strength similar to that of a healthy tooth;
  • Minimum cutting of the tooth.

All-ceramic (metal-free ceramics) crowns are comfortable to use. They are lightweight, so they are comfortable to use.

Made of durable material, white all-metal crowns are long-lasting, resistant to cracking and chipping, and are not stained by food dyes. If you want to have a whiter smile come to our clinic and we will take you through a few steps to achieve the results you want!

ArtStom's highly trained specialists will find the best white crown denture option that's right for you!